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We know how to take you to the next level.


Experience. That's what really matters when it's time to take your bike up the performance ladder. Experience at a high level. Experience at winning. Let Boulder Motor Sports make our experience work for you with our custom performance services.

Boulder Motor Sports prides itself on providing not only routine service, but also performance work that will surely put a smile on your face. With years of experience dedicated to Ducati combined with our success on the racetrack, we can provide you with a high level of performance work from engine upgrades to suspension settings that will increase the performance of your machine. We offer a wide range of performance enhancing options that are tailor made to fit your needs.


Race & Performance Services


  • Engine Upgrades

  • Fuel Injection Tuning

  • Suspension Service

  • Electronics Upgrades

  • Track Day Prep

  • Race Bike Prep

  • Custom Paint & Powder Coating

  • On-site Dyno Service


Engine Upgrades include:

  • Porting & Polishing Cylinder Heads

  • Engine Balancing & Blueprinting

  • Lighten, Magnaflux (check for cracks), Balance Crankshaft & install Specification Bearings

  • Shim Gearbox, Shift Drum & Crank

  • Shim Cylinders to Optimize Piston Squish

  • Adjust Valves to Specification

  • Degree Camshafts

  • Lightening & Balancing Crakshafts

  • Competition Valve Jobs

  • Guides, Valves, Seals, Re-Surfacing, Valve Cut & Lap, Set Valve Clearances to Specification


Fuel Injection Tuning

After assembling the modifications you have requested we move the project into our new state of the art DynoJet 250i Dyno to begin the custom fuel injection tuning process to fully optimize your modifications. As you can imagine, fuel injection optimization requires a high level of technical experience, it’s not a plug and play procedure. Many factors go into proper tuning including altitude, exhaust pipes, and geographical location. We also offer many different fuel injection tuning options that are sure to fit your projects needs.

With the various tuning options we provide, we are sure that we can cater to your performance needs. Please fill out our online form or give us a call today at 303 495 3416 to begin planning your next performance-enhancing project with us!

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