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         The BMS F042 is for those who have the desire to retain the quality dynamics of the Ducati 90-Degree twin cylinder engine, coupled with a preformance chassis that delivers precise handling with pinpoint accuracy.


When you ride with Boulder Motor Sports and Pierobon, you are riding with the most eveloved machinert on the market today.

In EN AW-6082 aluminum alloy. To improve the characteristics it is lengthened and strengthened with guessets. The assembly is on big diamiter dearings with the same concept used for the racing swing arm to increase the feeling and traction.

Tubular frame in 7020 high resistance aluminum alloy. Weight 5.9 kg (13.0 lbs).

F042 Top

EN AW-6082 aluminum alloy built in pipe aluminum and plate. This combination allows the frame to achieve lightness and strength.

In EN AW-6082 aluminum alloy, it is light and functional. It comes directly from racing experience and allows assembling both analogic and digital instrumentations.

Handlebar 51,0/53,0/53,5 mm. anodized aluminum EN AW 7075 o 6082. With a wide range of angle possibility it is possible to adjust to several uses.

In stainless steel or titanium. The exhaust system incorporates both style and performance. Two systems are available, a side mount or under tail style.

Made in EN AW-6082 aluminum alloy which incorporate a detailed design that allows for a light and efficient part.

Hand crafted from aluminum alloy 450 (EN AW-5083) H111. The capacity is 16 liters allowing for an oversized airbox while maintaining the perfect body position and aerodynamics.

Made of carbon fiber or fiberglass and is modeled on the bike, with a “wind” designed shape for maximum efficiency.

F042 Gallery
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